Bouncy Balls: The BRAVIA Commercial

When you're introducing the next generation of television to complete your home theater system, you want to make an impact - but that doesn't mean you have to shout at the top of your voice. And it doesn't mean you have to be predictable. To announce the arrival of the BRAVIA LCD and 3LCD range, we wanted to get across a simple message - that the colour you'll see on these screens will be 'like no other'.

Sending 250,000 multi-coloured 'superballs' bouncing down the streets of San Francisco may seem the strangest way to do this, but that's exactly what Danish director Nicolai Fuglsig did for the BRAVIA commercial in July this year. San Franciscans have seen some unusual things in their time, but even this gave them something to talk about. And we've got the feeling that this commercial is going to do exactly the same thing.

Music from the Sony BRAVIA ad

The beautiful track that sets the mood for the commercial is 'Heartbeats', performed by José González from his critically-acclaimed debut Album, 'Veneer'. Released as a single in January 2006, 'Heartbeats' went straight into the Top Ten in UK & Ireland, followed by a sold-out concert tour.

We met José during his recent UK tour. Watch this three-minute special on 'Heartbeats', with an interview about José's musical roots and what he thinks about the BRAVIA ad.

Watch José González 'Live in London'

The UK gigs are part of a global tour - José's next stop will be America.

Tour dates are available on the 'Music' page


The Evolution of Lawn Mower Television Commercials

The public has seen an improvement in lawn mower advertisement over the years. From posters, it transitioned into television commercials, providing people a better grasp of how lawn mowers work.

In the 60s, television commercials were presented in black and white. Lawn mower commercials back then run for 30 seconds to a minute in black and white, showcasing the product in a typical front yard setting featuring a family.

As the years went by and with the existence of a more advanced technology, lawn mower commercials were shown in color. This provided potential buyers a better idea how the lawn mowers look in person. Commercial themes also varied, although it did not sway away with presenting how lawn mowers work.

At present, lawn mower television commercials are presented with a better picture quality. Most zero turn lawn mower reviews on TV advertisements also do away with all the talking and just projects how lawn mowers work, with a background music playing all throughout the ad duration. More innovative advertising firms, on the other hand, made use of animation to present law mowers differently from the traditional ones.

Lawn mowers differ by the energy source. Some lawn mowers are powered by gas or petrol. Others work by hand while some make use of electricity. Other notable types were also introduced in the market such as hover mowers, robotic mowers, tractor-pulled mowers, riding mowers, and mulching mowers. While there are variations, advertisements for these different types of lawn mowers were still made available.

Since it was first advertised on television, the selling points also evolved over the years. In the 60s, the television commercials focus on how mowers can help people maintain their lawn.

Over the years, the selling points have also changed. From reliability, quality, and price, selling points moved forward to the lawn mowers' unique features. Since lawn mowers also vary in types, advertisers make use of their features that work best depending on what the buyer needs.

Some advertisers are using battery life as a selling point, while others are highlighting the lawn mower's cutting width. Another selling point advertisers use to attract buyers into purchasing a lawn mower is the brushless motor. Efficient design is also a factor that advertisers highlight.

Over the years, not only lawn mower TV commercials have evolved. The way advertisers present and sell lawn mowers also changed with the advancements in technology, and existence of creative influences.

Differences Between Soft and Firm Mattresses

A sound sleep can contribute a lot to your general wellness. However, improper body alignment may prevent you from having sleep quality. This is why it is important to know what kind of extra firm mattress is best for you as it can help in giving you a proper sleeping posture.

Mattresses can either be soft or firm. Since both have their own pros and cons, it all goes down to personal choice. To help you decide what kind of mattress to get, below is a comparison between soft and firm mattresses:

Pros of Firm Mattresses
  • Firm mattresses promote a neutral position for your spine. Because of this, your body posture will be straighter.
  • They also let your blood flow better since firm mattress help minimize the tension on your blood circulation.
  • Firm mattresses also provide better support for you back, preventing it from collapsing. This, in turn, will allow you to breathe in more oxygen.
  • You can also use body pillows since firm mattresses can hold them sturdier.
  • Individuals can easily adapt to firm mattresses over time.
Cons of Firm Mattresses
  • People who will switch from a soft mattress to a firm one may find it uncomfortable in the first couple of days.
  • Studies revealed firm mattresses are not advised for individuals who are suffering from certain problems in the lower back such as scoliosis, rheumatism, and arthritis.
  • Some mattresses may not be firm enough to provide your back ample support.
  • Some people complain of body ache after sleeping on a firm mattress.
  • Comfort is also an issue for some people who use firm mattresses.
Pros of Soft Mattresses
  • Soft mattresses can be helpful for aging people dealing with back problems as they can reduce pain.
  • Lighter and slimmer individuals can enjoy the plushness of a slightly firm mattress without sacrificing the support for their spine.
  • Soft mattresses are also recommended for lighter people since a firmer mattress may not feel compressing.
  • Soft mattresses can also be a better choice for people who sleep on one side because they can cushion the hips and shoulders more gently.
  • The plushiness of soft mattresses can make you sleep more comfortably.
  • Many mattress stores run competitions to win first class chef knives with a purchase of a mattress.
Cons of Soft Mattresses
  • Soft mattresses can affect the spine alignment as well as sleep quality.
  • Soft mattresses also cost much more compared to firm mattresses.
  • Bed sharers may find it difficult to sleep on a soft mattress since the weight of the heavier individual may make the surface unbalanced.
  • Soft mattresses may also last shorter compared to firmer ones since they tend to soften even more over time.
  • Client satisfaction on soft mattresses also tend to be below-average.

Sleep quality is important, and the firmness or softness of a mattress may contribute greatly in this. If you have a more serious concern about the quality of your sleep or your spine alignment, it is better to consult with a doctor.

Benefits of a Recliner of a Traditional Couch

It probably crossed your mind to buy a reclining chair or sofa. Just the thought of having one at home already brings a sort of comfort. Imagine sitting on a recliner with a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning, listening to the sound of good music. Simply thinking about it already makes you feel relaxed and rested.

But not only are recliners of a traditional couch relaxing, they also have a number of benefits for the user. In this article, we will discuss how a recliner of a traditional couch be beneficial for an individual:

It Can Relieve Stress

Many illnesses are attributed to stress. Studies reveal how stress can affect the mind and body immensely, which may result to illnesses. From a headache to anxiety and depression to more serious illnesses such as heart disease, stress has a way of affecting a person negatively.

Having the best recliner of a traditional couch at home can be beneficial for an individual in terms of relieving stress. Since it allows you to rest without actually falling asleep, your body tends to relax, thereby relieving the stress that you feel. Because of this, a person can see an improvement in his or her health and mood.

It Can Relieve The Pain of Pregnant Women

Pregnant women see a lot of changes in her body. These changes may also affect how pregnant women feel. During pregnancy, women can see their bodies getting swollen and some of their body parts feel tight, which can really feel uncomfortable.

With all the weight and heaviness brought by pregnancy, it's no wonder why pregnant women would wish to lie down. However, a recliner of a traditional couch may be more fitting for pregnant women since it helps to align the pregnant woman's body with the center of her gravity. They may also feel more comfortable in a recliner than a bed since it is also easier for them to get up from it.

It Can Improve Blood Circulation

People who are often standing at work may feel their joints swelling and their feet feeling heavier. Since you are standing, your blood tend to settle in your lower body, particularly in the legs, feet, and ankle especially if you are standing for a long period of time.

Recliners of a traditional couch can help you improve your blood circulation by raising your feet through its lift mechanism. You may avoid the swelling of your feet and an eventual surgery by resting in a recliner while you are away from your work.

It Can Relieve Aching Joints

If you are suffering from joint pains or arthritis, you know how uncomfortable it can get when you have stiff and swollen joints. The recliner of a traditional couch can be helpful to people who are suffering from these because their joints can be angled correctly.

Some physicians even advise some of their patients with arthritis to sleep in a recliner for better blood circulation and to let their muscles be pulled downward.

Whether you're thinking of purchasing a recliner of a traditional couch for relaxation or health purposes, you may find these things beneficial for your mood and overall health. Before buying though, it is best to research what will be best for you and what will fit your space.

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